Current production time is 2-4 weeks on custom orders.

About Our Leashes and Collars

Leashes and Collars

Handmade right here in North Carolina. Our leashes and collars are woven from 550 paracord (parachute cord) for high strength, flexibility and longevity. These collars and leashes are Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant. The color will not bleed which makes them perfect for hiking, rainy day walks, and dock diving. Paracord is soft and pliable which allows the leashes to be feel soft and comfortable in your hand while staying tough. Paracord is also easy to clean and make look brand new again when your pup finds that good stinky spot to roll in. We use a variety of steel hardware and offer many different color choices for buckles. 

How to measure your dogs neck.

Do to the thickness of our collars please measure the inside of a well fitting collar. 

How to choose the correct leash.

We currently offer 3 different leash styles. The “Slim Jim”, the “King Cobra” and the “Adventurer”. 

  • The Slim Jim is great for the smaller pups who still love to adventure. It is our smallest and lightest design which makes it ideal for dogs 30 pounds and under. It is also a fantastic option to use with a head halter as it is strong and durable without adding extra weight on the dogs nose. Dogs over 30 pounds can also use this leash but it is not recommended if they are a strong puller. The Slim Jim can be made with up to 2 colors. 
  • The King Cobra is a classic design great for all size dogs but especially medium/large pups. It can withstand strong pulling and is a fantastic choice for every day adventures. The King Cobra can be made with up to 2 colors. 
  • The Adventurer is our strongest and toughest leash. This leash is great for strong pullers and medium to extra large pups. From long treks in the woods to visits to the beach this leash will hold up to whatever life throws at it. The Adventurer can be made with up to 4 colors. 

 How to care for your leash or collar.

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